(Last updated 30th June 2009).

Top Five singles (by Chart points) up to 30th June 2009 are: 1 Poker Face; 2 Just Dance; 3 In for the Kill; 4 Boom Boom Pow; 5 Number One

Top Three Albums (see above): 1 Only By the Night; 2 The Fame; 3 It's Not Me It's You.

Top Five singles (by Chart points) up to 31st March 2009 are: 1 Just Dance; 2 The Fear; 3 Broken Strings; 4 Poker Face; 5 Right Round

Top Three Albums (see above): 1 Only By The Night; 2 The Fame; 3 Rockferry

Top Fifteen singles (by Chart points) for 2008: 1 I Kissed a Girl; 2 Rockstar; 3 Four Minutes; 4 Mercy; 5 Now You're Gone; 6 Black and Gold; 7 Dance Wid' Me; 8 Closed; 9 American Boy; 10 All Summer Long; 11 Sex on Fire; 12 Take a Bow; 13 Disturbia; 14 If I Were a Boy; 15 Low.
(The Radio 1 Top Ten showed X Factor-winner's song "Halleluljah" as No 1 (on 2 weeks sales !) and more surprisingly their "Hero" as No 2 (did not make top twenty here).

Top Six albums for 2008 were: 1 Rockferry; 2 Viva La Vida; 3 Only By the Night; 4 Gold - Abba's Greatest Hits; 5 Good Girls Gone Bad; 6 Spirit.
(The Radio 1 Top Six showed Take That's "The Circus" as No 2, but this was on about 6 weeks sales).

Top Five singles (by Chart Points) to 30th September 2008 are:  1 Rockstar; 2 Four Minutes; 3 I Kissed the Girl; 4 Mercy; 5 Now You're Gone
Top Three albums are: 1 Rockferry;  2 Viva La Vida; 3 Gold - Abba's Greatest Hits

Top Five singles (by Chart Points) to 30th June 2008 are:  1 Rockstar; 2 Four Minutes; 3 Mercy; 4 Now You're Gone; 5 Black and Gold.

Top Five singles (by Chart Points) to 31st March 2008 are: 1 Rockstar; 2 Now You're Gone; 3 Mercy; 4 Chasing Pavements'; 5 Don't Stop the Music.

On listening to feature on Radio 2 (26th Jan), I bought Duffy's "Rockferry" CD. On the whole very good (though title track not great). Much better than Adele CD.

Was prompted to buy Adele's 19 CD (on strength of "Chasing Pavements") but on the whole disappointed, though "Made You Fell My Love" is quite good.

Top fifteen singles for 2007 (by chart points) are: 1 Umbrella; 2 Bleeding Love; 3 Grace Kelly; 4 Beautiful Liar; 5 The Way I Are; 6 Rule theWorld; 7 Foundations; 8 Valerie; 9 Hey There Delilah; 10 Stronger; 11 Apologise; 12 Beautiful Girl; 13 The Sweet Escape; 14 Ruby; 15 About You Now.
(The Radio 1 Top Ten showed the top two in reverse positions. There were some other adjustments, but notably 500 Miles, which reached their Top Ten, would have struggled to make my Top Twenty on points).

Top five singles up to 30th September 2007 (by chart points) are: 1 Umbrella; 2 Grace Kelly; 3 Beautiful Liar; 4 The Way I Are; 5 Foundations.

I like Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah" . Surprisingly not reached number 1, as it has topped midweek charts at least twice.

I am collecting Embassy records at present. Les Carle sings "Sukiyaki" well, but Paul Rich cannot cope with "Reminiscing". Red Wayne and Mike Redway (composer of "Geordie Sunday") are the same person. David Ross is Ross McManus (father of Elvis Costello) of Joe Loss Pop Show. Given this connection is Larry Cross actually Larry Gretton ? I understand Ian Threadgill sang on some records. Also found that either Mike Redway or Les Carle (difficult to tell from radio interview) was voice of Ken Barrie who sang "Postman Pat".

Top five singles up to 30th June 2007 (by chart points) are:  1 Grace Kelly; 2 Beautiful Liar; 3 Umbrella;  4 The Sweet Escape; 5 Ruby.

Top Five singles up to 31st March 2007 (by chart points) are: 1 Grace Kelly; 2 Ruby; 3 Starz In Their Eyes; 4 The Sweet Escape; 5 How To Save A Life.

Top ten singles for 2006 (by chart points) are:  1 Hips Don't Lie; 2 Crazy; 3 I Don't Feel Like Dancing; 4 From Paris to Berlin; 5 I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker; 6 Patience; 7 Maneater; 8 Nasty Girl: 9 No Tomorrow. 10 Smack That.  According to sales charts the top three are Crazy; A Moment Like This and Hips Don't Lie.

Top Five singles up to 30th September 2006 (by chart points) are: 1 Hips Don't Lie; 2 Crazy; 3 From Paris to Berlin; 4 I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker; 5 Maneater.

Top five singles up to 30th June 2006 (by chart points) are: 1 Crazy; 2 From Paris to Berlin; 3 Nasty Girl; 4 No Tomorrow; 5 I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker.

Sorry I would rather not comment on Chico's No 1 single and this year's UK Eurovision Song Contest entry.

Enjoyed long awaited new Catherine Howe CD "Princelet Street". However, in my opinion the title track is the weakest.
Also recommended "New Seekers Songbook", which includes all their Eurovision songs.

Top 10 singles for 2005 (by chart points) are: 1 You're Beautiful; 2 (Is This the Way to) Amarillo; 3 Bad Day; 4 Don't Cha'; 5 Axel F; 6 Ghetto Gospel; 7 Lonely; 8 Hung Up; 9 Push the Button; 10 Fell Good Inc.
"Bad Day" was most overplayed song of year. According to sales charts, Amarillo was No 1 followed by Shayne Ward's "This Is My Goal" (only released on 21st Dec).

Top five singles for first 9 months of 2005 (by chart points) are: 1 You're Beautiful; 2 (Is This the Way to) Amarillo; 3 Bad Day; 4 Axel F; 5 Ghetto Gospel.

Very much like new Katie Melua single "Nine Million Bicycles".

Top five singles for first half of 2005 (by chart points) are: 1 (Is This the Way to) Amarillo; 2 Lonely: 3 Axel F; 4 Feel Good Inc; 5 Switch.

Top five singles for first quarter of 2005 (by chart points) are: 1 Over and Over; 2 Get Right; 3 All About You; 4 Against All Odds; 5 Like Toy Soldiers.

Not sure about these Elvis Presley re-releases: Why was "Wild in the Country" missed out of sequence and why was "Rock a Hula Baby" released as main track ?

Top Ten singles for 2004 are (as per Chart points):
1 F'k (I Don't Want You Back); 2 Call on Me; 3 Left Outside Alone; 4 Milkshake; 5 Lose My Breath; 6 Cha Cha Slide; 7 Yeah; 8 All This Time; 9 I Don't Wanna Know; 10 Baby Cakes.

Looking for rare LP's/Singles?CD's then check

Another rare CD, I obtained was "Anthology" by P F Sloan, the protest writer, who composed "Eve of Destruction" and "Take Me for what I'm Worth" amongst others. Well recommended..

The top five records for 2004 up to 30th September (by chart points) are the same as at 30th June.

Managed to get hold of CD "Gotta Travel On - The Best of Billy Grammer". However, I was disappointed it did not contain his excellent track "Chasing a Dream".

Not a great fan first time round, but would recommend CD "Whatever You Want - The Very Best of Status Quo". After hearing "Stones on the Road" and "This Shirt" from compilation CD's, have been impressed by singer Mary Chapin Carpenter (is she related to Harry C ?).

The top five records for first half of 2004 (by chart points) are: 1 F'k It (I Don't Want You Back); 2 Left Outside Alone; 3 Milkshake; 4 Cha Cha Slide; 5 Yeah.

The top five records for first quarter of 2004 (by chart points) are: 1 Milkshake; 2 All This Time; 3 Heh Ya; 4 Take Me to the Clouds Above; 5 Somebody to Love.

After watching whole of programme below, I thought it was the hundred worst RECORDS not VIDEOS. Some quite good records were included only because they had poor videos. With St Winifreds School choir included, I thought Sally Lindsay would have been interviewed. Not sure if some of those guests, were particularly qualified to comment.

Saw parts of  Top Hundred Worst Records (1st Jan), and will watch whole programme on video, eventually. Though I am not a fan of the Cheeky Girls, I can think of plenty worse records. I expect it is because of the usual problem of short memories of TV voters. Do not know the personality, but thought Neil Diamond on "Celebrity Stars in their Eyes", was quite good. Russell Grant was dire, and Angela Lonsdale is as bad a singer, as she is an actress.

By chart positions/points the top ten singles from 2003 are:
1 Where Is the Love ?; 2 Ignition Remix; 3 Bring Me to Life; 4 Breathe; 5 All the Things She Said; 6 Move Your Feet; 7 Make Luv; 8 Turn Me On; 9 Spirit in the Sky; 10 In da Club.
(in case of equal points, the higher chart placing takes preference).

Enjoyed hearing for the first time, a song called "The Closest Thing to Crazy" by Katie Melua. I gather it has been in the charts, a few weeks.

As expected on a TV poll, the voters cannot think back more than 3 months. "Mandy" was voted record of the year. It had only  been out 3 weeks (No 1 for one), and has been forgotten 3 weeks later.

Have just heard the "Essential Eagles" collection. As expected it is good, but I felt such songs as "My Man", "Saturday Night" and "Hollywood Waltz", could have been included. "Love Will Keep Us Alive" is the best of their "newer" songs.

Quite enjoyed listening to (for the first and only time so far), the new Xmas No 1, "Mad Girl" (the old "Tears for Fears" song).. I understand it has been played a lot on Radio 1, but it seems very M.O.R for them.

See Bobby Rydell's "Little Girl", seems to have re-emerged on an advert, though not sure for what product ?

Heard one LP by Sheryl Crow and was to say the least, disappointed. However her "Greatest Hits" CD is very good. Other recent CD's to recommend are Dido "Life to Rent", Hayley Westenra "Pure" and REM's "Greatest Hits". Not so good is latest Travis CD. An excellent double CD out by Drifters with their hits in chronological order from 1953 (however missing tracks included "Hey Senorita", "Vaya Con Dios" and "A Rose By Any Name" - don't associate "Only in America" as one of their singles). Yet another Cat Stevens compilation, but without one of his best tracks "Two Fine People", and new Elton John compilation should have included one of his best early tracks "Skyline Pigeon".

Just heard Box Set from Temptations. Most tracks were good but two glaring omissions were "Just Let Me Know" (B Side of their first successful single "The Way You Do the Things You Do", and "I Second that Emotion" (with the Supremes).

Heard CD "Puppets on a String , the Songs of Eurovision", featuring songs that did not make the
grade from "A Song for Europe". However, many of the tracks were much better, than those that did represent the UK."

Sorry for delay, but a hectic month has left me slightly out of touch, with the music scene. Unofficially top records so far this year (25th July), on chart points are: 1 Ignition Remix; 2 Bring Me to Life: 3 All the Things She Said; 4 Move Your Feet; 5 Make Luv

Though not a great fan, I heard Shirley Bassey LP, "Spotlight On". It was her early recordings (1956 - 9), which I found a lot better (Bond thenes apart), than her later recordings.

Saw final of "Junior" Stars in the Eyes. Not sure who voted for Connie Francis, but the younger viewers would not of heard of  (or heard) her, and the older viewers should have known it sounded nothing like her. Perhaps it was because she was only 12 ?

Another recommended CD "The Best of Guy Lombardo" featuring "Enjoy Yourself".

Just heard "The Best of Pink Floyd". Found most of the early tracks hard going (too long), but second side was, for the most part, easier on the ear.

Listening to the Simom and Garfunkel boxed set, would have preferred studio originals of some songs (including the excellent "Blessed"), than live recordings.

Surprise, Surprise, the UK entry in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, scored no points. As usual before the event, I had not heard of the song or artist, and wonder how it got selected ? Just shows the taste of those that decide to vote.

Top five singles (by chart points) for 2003 up to 31st March are: 1 All the Things She Said; 2 Lose Yourself; 3 Sound of the Underground; 4 Cry Me a River; 5 Stop Living the Lie.

Sorry to hear Mel C is likely to lose record deal. Her latest single should have been the more commercial "On the Horizon".

Fan of Eagles/Don Henley but quite like DJ Sammy's version of "Boys of Summer". The same cannot be said of new version of "Big Yellow Taxi" (the Seaham song).

I know Liberty X won award for best British single in 2002, but the only song I am familiar with from them, is "Holding on for You".

Just heard "Best of Ronettes" CD. Rather disappointing and not nearly as strong as equivalent CD by Crystals. Heard part of "Magic of Peggy Lee" CD, but where is "Till There Was You" ?

Is pop idol David Sneddon, named after a character from "High Road" ?

Top Ten singles from 2002, on chart placings/points are: 1 Whenever, Wherever; 2 Hero; 3 The Ketchup Song; 4 Dilemma; 5 How You Remind Me; 6 The Logical Song; 7 A Little Less Conversation; 8 Unchained Melody; 9 Evergreen/Anything is Possible; 10 Anyone of Us/Stupid Mistake.

Cannot believe that the over-recorded "Unchained Melody" was voted record of the year.

Not a great fan of Robbie Williams, but thought his "Feel" single would have been an automatic number one. One record I will certainly not purchase, is the best of "the rat pack".

Heard Atomic Kitten's record of "The Last Goodbye"/"Be With You". Thought it was their best since "Home Again", and a great improvement on their recent "well worn winners". This is why I was disappointed it did not reach Number 1 in this week's chart (1st Dec). Pleased Will Young did not make the top this time, though it is no worse than the Christina Aguelera record.

Re votes not received for "Pop Stars The Rivals" (have never seen it) (30th Nov). Now London knows what it feels like, as I am sure many of the North East contenders on these type of shows, have missed out due to viewers not being able to dial through.

Heard Madonna's new record, the theme from "Die Another Day". In my mind, it is both the worst Madonna record, and worst James Bond theme I have heard, which is probably why it did not enter the charts at number 1. Not keen on latest Bond movies. Too little storyline and it is amazing how "our hero" finds whereabouts of villains, without being "pushed in the right direction".

Disappointed with Best of Chuck Jackson CD. Apart from obvious tracks like "Tell Him I'm Not Home" and "Any Day Now", and a few others, the rest are weak.

Just heard CD of Greatest Hits of Les Paul and Mary Ford. Recommended.

Using my preferred points chart, this year's top five singles up to 30th September are: 1 Whenever, Wherever; 2 Hero; 3 How You Remind Me; 4 The Logical Song; 5 A Little Less Coversation.

Have just heard Gabrielle's "Best Of" CD. Not a great fan before, but there are some excellent songs here.

Like Shakira's new single "Underneath Your Clothes".

Just heard that Atomic Kitten's next record will be "The Tide Is High". How original !

After hearing all of the compilation CD's of Tony Orlando / Dawn, I am very surprised that one of his best known (and best) songs "Chills" is not included on any. "Tie a Yellow Ribbon", "Gypsy Rose" and "Strawberry Patch with Sally" are very much alike.

Enjoyed CD of Orlons "All Their Hits And More". However, there is a track on it called "For Your Love", which is the same song as Jerry Butler's "For Your Precious Love", but supposedly written by a different writer !

On "Best of Ken Dodd" CD, where are "Love is Like A Violin" and "Pianisimo" ?

Sorry to say that Will Young, has reached the top of the charts with another "well-worn winner", "Light My Fire". By the way Will, The Doors sang the original, not Jose Feliciano.

Whatever happened to the excellent 70's singer/songwriter Catherine Howe ?

Must admit that some of the worst lyrics in any song are "Mmm this is fun" from Cliff Richard's "On the Beach".

Just heard "Best of White Plains" a surprisingly good CD.

Heard Roger Whittaker's "I Don't Believe In If Anymore" the other day. The non-chorus part of the song, sounds very much like Cher's "Bang Bang".

Using the points system, the top five singles of 2002 up to 31st March, are 1 Hero; 2 Evergreen; 3 Get The Party Started; 4 Whenever, Wherever; 5 Addicted To Bass.

Just heard Best of Joe Brown CD. Where was "All Things Bright and Beautiful" ?

Cannot believe that, what I think is a live version of well-worn winner "Unchained Melody", is such a massive hit for Gareth Gates.

Will record "experts" please note: Al Hibbler sang original version of "Unchained Melody", not the Righteous Brothers. I am a fan of the latter, but do not rate this song as one of their best.

See Gareth Gates is bringing out "Unchained Melody" as new single. Surely the record buyers are sick of this song, and would appreciate something a bit more original ? Not keen on Rick Waller's record either.

I see Four Tops and Temptations are appearing shortly at Newcastle Arena. The only problem is that the three former lead singers of the latter, ie. David Ruffin, Eddie Hendricks and Denis Edwards are now dead, so who performs vocals on old favourites now ?

The only thing I can say about Will Young's "record" chart debut, is that if the song "Evergreen" was sung by anybody else, it will be instantly forgetable.

Got caught out by a question on Goffy's show, this morning. Sorry to say I have never heard of group called Magic ?

Re Pop Stars voting (or others like "Stars in their Eyes"). Surely a system can be devised, where one person can only have one vote (apparently David Beckham had seven !).This would give a more accurate result, and it would also give people a better chance of getting through, on phone line.

I see that record by Daniel ?, has returned to top of charts (6th Jan). Sorry, but it sounds like a lot of disjointed mumbo jumbo to me.

Heard a good track on Fleetwoods "Mr Blue" LP, called "Serenade of the Bells".

There is problems with not being able to vote, through the line being busy, on "Popstars". This does not surprise me, and I am sure it is the same on similar programmes. Only one vote should be cast on one line, after which that line would be unable to connect. As things stand at present, one person can cast the same vote, n times over, which does not give a genuine result.

On points scored through chart placings the Top 5 records for 2001, were "Home Again", "It Wasn't Me", "Hey Baby", "Can't Get You Out of my Head" and "Don't Stop Movin". I do not know how this compares to official chart, as I have not seen or heard it.

With the Xmas records now being aired all over, I am surprised that two better festive songs "Baby's First Christmas" by Connie Francis and "Bambino" by the Springfields are not on any Compilation albums. Probably my favourite Xmas song is "The White Snows of Winter" by the Kingston Trio, but not many people, will know it.

Did not know that Norman Cook (Fat Boy Slim), was once a member of the Housemartins (question on Millionaire).

I see that Robbie Williams, has recently recorded "Mr Bojangles". Despite what some purests may say, the best version of this song, by far, is by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

More missing tracks from Best Of compilations are: "Intro and Outro" (Bonzo Dog Band), and "Too Young" (Jimmy Young).

On the old subject of missing tracks on Greatest Hit LP's. Where were "Romantica" and "Cindy Oh Cindy" on Jane Morgan and Eddie Fisher compilations respectively ?

Just listened to Hot Chocolate Greatest Hits, but where are their best tracks, "Brother Louie" and "Emily ?

Thought I was a pop music expert, but I was not aware that Badfinger sang original version of "Without You", as seen in paper.

Quite like "All or Nothing" by O Town. Seems very m.o.r for British charts. Thought Atomic Kitten could do better than "Eternal Flame" as latest single, but how many of today's single buyers, think it is a new song ?

Enjoying listening to "The Best of Peter Dawson", but where is "The Lute Player", the B side of "The Floral Dance". Why is "Trees", not on "The Best of Paul Robeson" CD ?

Have just listened to Platters double CD (actually this was sixties Platters). CD 1, with remakes of old classics like The Great Pretender, and newer songs like Washed Ashore, was good, but CD 2 was absolutely dire.

Looking at tracks on new Wings compilation, where are "Give Ireland Back to the Irish" and "London Town" ? Going back thirty years, why is "Alexander Beetle" not on "The Very Best of Melanie" CD ? and going back 50 years, why is "Wish Me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye)" not on Gracie Field's Best Of CD ?

I see Eurovision Song Contest, is back with us, but as in the last few years, I have not heard our song (or of artist), and do not know how it was voted for ? On the same line, why was our best entry for years, "Give A Little Love Back to the World", by Emma, not on any Euro compilation CD/LP ?

I am disappointed with American compilation LP "Where The Girls Are". Most of the tracks are by unknowns, but those of big name artists like, The Shirelles, Shangri La's and Maxine Brown, are most likely B sides.

Have bought two CD sets of USA Hits 50's & 60's, which on paper, contain some excellent tracks. However, I am annoyed that most of the tracks have been re-recorded, some of them sounding nothing like the original.

Quite like Emma Bunton's new record " What Took You So Long" which has surprisingly, stayed top for a second week. I had not heard it all, before it got to No.1. I must not listen to the "right" stations.

Sorry but I do not like manufactured group Hearsay. I have only heard their record once, and I am not impressed. I am sure the media will make it the year's top selling single. However, ignoring sales, the year's top single should be the one with the year's best overall chart record (ie. 40 points for No. 1), with the most points being the leading single. At present it would be Atomic Kittens' Home Again by a mile.

Disappointed that Annie Lennox's best record, "Love Song For A Vampire", is not on her Greatest Hits LP.

Two of the worst records of all time (apart from many rap/house efforts), are Ninah Cherry's AIDS research version of "I've Got You Under My Skin", and Frankie Vaughan's "Big Ship Sails Through The Ally Ally O".

Millennium Music Series
My Recommendations
Stars in their Eyes
Local radio
Music wanted

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Millennium Music Series:

I have finally listened to all ten volumes of the Millennium Music Series from 1950 - 1999. I enjoyed the variety of tracks on the first eight volumes, but to say the last two volumes (especially that from 1995 - 99) were a culture shock is probably an understatement. There was some good MOR music in that period, but nearly all the tracks (many of which I have never heard of), (apart from Whigfield), are in the "House"/"Rap" mould, and were not very pleasant to listen to. I did spot the deliberate mistake on Volume 1 (1950 - 54), when the Perry Como track, "If" was included. The song was not written by David Gates, until the late sixties, and I assume the track should have been the other song of the same title, which was popular at that time.

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My Recommendations:

Recommended is "The Best of Patti Page", especially the track "Mr and Mississippi", which I had never heard of before.

History of American Rock and Roll Volumes 1 - 8, Teenage Crush Volumes 1 - 3, Early Girls Volumes 1 - 3. (All on Ace Records).
Contain many Classic Rarities, and Original Versions of many British Hits.

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Stars in their Eyes

Although I have lost a lot of interest in show, caught part of "Corrie" special on 8th Feb. Kirk was quite good as Don Henley, but winner Marie, could have been anybody (actually Holly Vallance).
Notice that Gina performed as Shania Twain in Coronation Street special. However, I thought coloured people could not imitate whites, and vice versa.

Saw parts of Celebrity edition (4th May). Debra Stephenson (Kylie Minogue) was probably the best. Did not know that Corries' Sally Lindsay (Dolly Parton), was a member of the chart topping act "The St Winifreds School Choir".

Saw end of 2002 Final. Missed most of qualifying shows. Elvis was quite good (sounded like him), but where was talking part of "Are You Lonesome Tonight"? It has to be pointed out that once again, highest votes (by far) went to last two acts. Can Dusty not sing anything other than "Son of a Preacher Man" ?

Did not bother watching Xmas specials, as most performers, were from the last Series, which was certainly below par.

Have just seen July 2001 final, and the standard was poorer than ever. Of the earlier heats I have seen, the only winner I agreed with, was Judith Durham. The Final winner (again at the end of the singing order !), was a girl who was supposed to be, but sounded nothing like, Dusty Springfield. I noticed that the total number of votes cast, was well down on previous Series. I also think it will be a mistake, having another Series later in the year.

Sorry, but how can anyone vote for Gloria Gaynor on the first programme of new series. The song is too "well worn" and absolutely dreadful.

New Series starts today (May 5th), but as there were two series in 2000, will there be two in 2001? Sounds like the show, will now suffer from over-exposure.

I think contestants who win their heats in "Stars in their Eyes", should sing another song by the same artist, in the Final. Just to show if they are versatile (or not). I also wonder why the vast majority of votes in the Final, go to the last two or three contestants ? In many cases the early finallists are as good, if not better.

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Local radio

Having heard Tony Horne's Century Manchester CD, don't get the joke re Juan Liner and the Organ.

Have listened to new Goffy CD. Some good tracks, but Tracks 1 and 9 not so good.

The new Goffy in the Morning CD, is supposed to be in the shops, but does not seem to have reached Newcastle's main shops yet (9th November). What has happened to Tony Horne ? I have not heard him for several weeks.

See Lisa Shaw is now with Century FM. It seems Metro FM must be struggling with DJ's. Century's main minus is that the broadcasted Football matches, are nearly always at Middlesbrough, Darlington or Hartlepool.

Saw a picture in some paper, of Goffy in the Morning team. Claire looks very much like Kerry Anne Christiansen (Flora in Byker Grove, Purely Belter and Close and True).

Like Goffy In the Morning CD 2. Think Claire did a great impersonation of Anthea Turner. Liked the holiday in New York (nr. Meadow Well) phone call. Also on CD 1, Mr Gullible. Next CD should include follow-up on Holiday Insurance, and the Mackem TV Commentator.

I see Tony Horne is back on Century on Saturday mornings. The impersonater on his show, is for the most part quite good, but I am sorry, it was a dreadful impersonation of John Francombe.

I have given up listening to Metro Radio in the morning. I used to like Tony Horne and even the stand-in DJ's were ok. However, when the new Girl DJ (who sounded like Zoe Ball), came on, it was enough to make me switch to Century, and Goffy in the morning.

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Music wanted:

Wanted the following Records: 45's, 78's or LP's/CD's containing such Tracks.

nb. Not all for "Musical" content.

* Paul Anka: Don't Cry Over My Shoulder (For Someone Else's Love).
Avons: Skin Deep.
Tony Blackburn: More than the Eyes Can See / We've Never Spoken.
Beverley Bunt: Me and My Teddy Bear.
Peter Dawson: The Lute Player.
Barbara Dickson: The Best of Friends (theme from "Andy Robson").
Nadia Catoose: Long Time Boy.
Jimmy Elledge: Florence Jean / Touch my Heart / Your Funny Way.
Fourmost: Goodnight Sweet Dreams.
Marauders: Lucille.
Robins: Image of a Girl.
Randy Sparks: Road without End ("Littlest Hobo" theme).
* Sunderland FC: Cheer up Peter Reed.
Chris Thompson: Tabalooga.
Genesis: G with Peter Gabriel.

.* Not 100% sure if this is correct artist.

E-mail Les if you can help with any of these.

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