13th Sand Dancer 10km.

South Shields. Sun. 29th April.

This is AW Report / Results.
13th SAND DANCER 10km
South Shields, Tyne & Wear
In the overcast and windy conditions, Kurt Heron took the honours passing long-time leader and 2016 winner Andy Burn in the final 150m.
Liam Taylor followed 26secs behind in third place. Bryan Kelly was the leading veteran in 8th position. With four runners in the first twelve, Jarrow & Hebburn easily won the team event.
Vikki Cotton won the Womens' race crossing the finish line at Gypsies Green Stadium, 34secs ahead of Ruth Dadswell. Last year's winner Elaine Leslie finished in third place.
The leading six competitors were all Veteran athletes. Low Fell narrowly won the team contest. MULTI TERRAIN
1 K Heron (Ashington Hirst) 33:07; 2 A Burn (J&H, M35) 33:09; 3 L Taylor 33:35; 4 J Evans (J&H) 34:14; 5 S Morley (Tyne Br) 34:44; 6 J Brown (J&H, U20) 34:49; 7 P Houghton (NSP, M35) 36:01; 8 B Kelly (UK Net, M40) 37:45; 9 L Longman (Heat, M35) 37:54; 10 M Heskett 38:04; 11 I Salkeld (J&H, M40) 38:14; 12 P Gill (Birt, M45) 38:20
M60: 1 M Woodward 40:47
TEAM (4 to Score)
1 Jarrow & Hebburn 2:20:26; 2 South Shields H 2:32:59; 3 Birtley 2:38:24
1 V Cotton (Sun, W35) 41:57; 2 R Dadswell (Birt, W40) 42:31; 3 E Leslie (J&H, W50) 42:39; 4 K Farquhar (Crook, W45) 43:05; 5 C Parkin (Low F, W35) 43:23; 6 G Ritchie (Sun S, W35) 44:07; 7 R Hawdon (SSh) 44:26; 8 H Dorman (Tyne Br, W45) 44:44
W55: 1 J Friend (Heat) 48:50
TEAM (3 to Score)
1 Low Fell 2:15:29; 2 South Shields H 2:15:41; 3 Tyne Bridge H 2:20:29

Additional Comments: Results from Run Britain website (11.00pm) and Kevin Carr (Monday am). Leaders from Brian Kirkley same evening.359 finishers (last time: 1:40:45). Nina Cameron 11th lady (4th W45) (45:05). Event also included NEMAA Championship. Weather got warmer and brighter later on.